Sunday 12 October 2008

Sunday 12th October

At half past nine, Annika, an English teacher, came and collected us from Anna's house. Then we took a bus to Hampstead Heath. We had a very wonderful walk there. We stayed there for two hours and then we had to leave. We took a bus again and we went to the London Eye. We had a nice flight on the London Eye overlooking all of London, most of London's buildings. We took pictures there; we enjoyed the time very much. Luckily we had fine weather, sunny and warm. We had to take off the heavy clothes that Nandita told us to bring. (!)

Then we had a very wonderful trip on the boat. We saw many famous and important place such as Globe Theatre. We saw Big Ben and big galleries. It was a circular boat trip.

We had the chance to meet wonderful people from Camden. When we had finished there, we took a bus again (Nandita's car!) and we had supper with Jane and Rod. It was very nice and delicious and tasty. Although it is different from Palestinian food, it is good. And we had discussions with each other around the table.


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