Monday 13 October 2008

Monday 13th October

It's been so busy that people have started to do this and not finished... this is so we remember. I hope others will write it their way later.

A good but serious day - first day in schools. A meeting at Camden Children, Schools and Families dept that told people about how schools work in Camden (thanks, David) and then a really good visit to the British Library (thanks Rob and friends).

A tour of SCCS with a number of high points - the first English classroom - a lovely technology class - Najoua's Spanish class - and people beginning to realise how very different the schools here and in Palestine are - and the size of these massive comprehensive schools... A meeting with a number of Maria Fidelis teachers which was great, people were interested and keen to meet each other... A meal with Isabella... And a long, long drive getting everyone back home again....

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