Sunday 19 October 2008

Saturday 18th October

This morning all the Abu Dis teachers did different things with different friends in London, but we all met along with lots of other people at the CADFA BIRTHDAY PARTY - CADFA is now officially 4!

Many thanks to everyone who helped make it a really good party, including the dancers from Maria Fidelis, the musicians Les, Ros, Nancy and Tom and all those in Abu Dis who worked on the children's films that we saw for the first time today - The New Map of Abu Dis, and The Great Wall of Palestine...
** NOTE If you missed these films, they will be shown soon in Abu Dis and also on 20th November in a special showing for children's day, see for details! **

These are some photos from the event - but a lot of them didn't come out very well... Perhaps Fiona whose photos are always good, and who was seen there with her camera, will let us have some better ones?!

Also, separately, a message from Abu Dis.

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