Friday 17 October 2008

Our Day Out - Sunday 12th October

What a brilliant day! Today I met the teachers at the London Eye and we spent the day around the Southbank seeing all the tourist attractions. While I was waiting for everyone along the river I met Cristina for the first time and spoke to her about her amazing experiences as a volunteer in Abu Dis. It was nice to meet the people I had heard and read about in CADFA's many publications. I think one of the lovely things about being involved in this trip is meeting so many other people involved with CADFA.

As we were waiting I suddenly saw in the crowds a Palestinian flag being waved in the air. I thought to myself there cannot be too many of these being waved here today? Sure enough Anika was beneath it and doing a very impressive job as a tour guide!

Once we brought our tickets we queued (another British thing) for the London Eye and spent 45 minutes looking at the views along the Thames River and taking lots of photos. You will see lots of photographs of Moein, Abdullah, Nader, Jameela and Mehdiyeh with The Houses of Parliament and the Thames River in the background. I think Abdullah won the prize for taking the most photographs!

We were so lucky with the weather. There was much needed air conditioning in the capsule. The views were lovely and clear and it actually felt like the summer time rather than the middle of October! I think the teachers enjoyed the views judging by the numbers of photographs taken. It was nice to have clear skies as we were able to see St Pauls Cathedral and quite and long way along the Thames River.

Mehdiye wanted lots of photgraphs taken as she had her mobile phone and not a camera. So as promised here is a photograph especailly for you!

Once we were at the top of the London Eye it felt quite high up. It was good but a bit dizzying looking down at the Jubilee Gardens and all the heads of people looked like dots. I did look out for Andrianna or Cristina and the Palestinian flag but this time we were just too high up!

Later on after the London Eye we relaxed and had lunch in the park. I think this was a much needed break and a refuel before our boat tour along the River Thames.

After lunch we had a lovely trip along the river and had many more photograph opportunities. We saw lots of the famous sights, including The Houses of Parliament, The Globe, Tate Modern, The Millenium Bridge (wobbly bridge), The Tower of London and the Tower Bridge. We even managed to get a photograph with the captain of the boat!

After the boat we sat and enjoyed the sunshine while eating ice creams in the Jubliee Gardens.

Nader and Moein went with Sarah and Bob along to the British Film Institute and came back with a DVD of Hamlet! Mehdiyeh, Anika and I walked along the Southbank and watched all the street performers. We saw lots of human statues (including Mona Lisa) and a breakdancer who leaped over five young boys standing in a line!

At the end of the day Nandita came with her minibus/taxi to pick up the teachers and go to Isabella's for dinner. Overall, a really great day with brilliant company!

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