Wednesday 4 February 2009

Jamila's nephew, Hamam

Jamila wrote to us to thank everyone for their concern about him. And to give his news.

He is doing better than expected! He was seriously wounded with bullets in his brain but he seems to be determined to live! He has come out of a coma and started to move his left side. (His right side is still paralysed). He managed to write a message to his parents which translates into "I want to eat my mum's food" - which cheered people up and made them laugh or made them cry, whatever.

He was moved to a rehabilitation centre in Bethlehem, and so many of his family visited that they were all kicked out by the staff for making too much noise! And then they let him go home for a day...

He is still very ill and very disabled but he is doing much much better than his family thought.
If you want to write to him or send him messages, he and his family would appreciate it.

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